A Guide to Surveying

Surveying is the process that involves the taking of measurement of objects on and above the earth surface. It is one of the oldest art known to human beings. It has very many branches including geodetic surveying, plane table surveying, compass surveying and GPS surveying. All these methods have their procedure and equipment that is used in establishing. Surveying mainly involves the establishment of horizontal and vertical controls. These will, therefore, be used as references for all other types of surveys. Surveying has a wised range of application. One of them is in the mapping of phenomena, measurement, and boundary demarcation among other applications. There is several surveying equipment that is being used. They have evolved with the advancement of the technology. One of them is that tape that is used in distance measurement. Other instruments include theodolites that are used in taking of angular measurements. They are used with a target that is mostly a plumb bob tied on a thin wire that is usually bisected. The advancement of theodolites saw the implementation of the total station which is equipment that is used in the simultaneous measurement of distance and bearing. They have inbuilt electronic distance measurement systems that measure the distance between two points automatically. More info click this company
Surveying has diversely changed over time especially in the invention of equipment. One of them is the invention of the GPS which stands for the global positioning system. It uses the satellites in space to conduct surveying. They occur in different types. There is the handheld, Trimble GPS, and the real-time kinematic GPS.  The GPS will carry out several measurements including distances, coordinates, bearing and height measurement. The Trimble GPS has an interface that is easy to use. It is configured with software that is used to pick point, line and polygon features. They register very high precision in the measurements. The Trimble GPS is also portable and can be carried around even in remote areas and rugged terrains. The kinematic GPS will pick the coordinates of an area in real time. It utilizes a base and a receiver. More info AGS Trimble GPS . The base is usually set at a known control point, and the rover is used in getting the coordinates of the features of interest. It is very crucial in carrying out topographic surveying. It is very fast and can be used to take measurements over long ranges. The GPS will also provide internal storage spaces and can also accept external disk to store survey data. Therefore one should consider accuracy and the type of survey when acquiring surveying equipment. read more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surveying